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Spring Summer 2022 Collection

The Spring Summer 2022 Collection for Isi was born from joyful summer colours: the turquoise/water, the orange/apricot and the peony. A journey made of colours and refined simplicity, for kids keen on discovering the world with their great enthusiasm.


For the little girls, big stripes, seersucker stripes, printed fabrics poke on dresses, shorts and t-shirts: the delicacy of the embroideries and patches is enhanced by strong and decisive colors.

For the little boys, white piquet fleece dungarees matched with turquoise stripy jersey as well as indigo big stripes baggy trousers, to put with t-shirts with fish, are perfectly thought paired with the Isi Boy line.

The versatile seersucker stripes, pink or indigo, thought both for little girls and boys, allow to develop rompers, dresses, trousers paired with polos and t-shirts. This offer is called NEW BORN Collection and thought for the babies.

A selection of little shoes and sandals enriches and completes every look.  

Isi Baby Collection proposes also a baptismal line, thought for the very special moments, studied on delicate pearl, light blue, navy micro stripes with timeless embroideries and finishings.

The cotton knitwear is studied to be matched at its best with each style.


The orange and turquoise theme is regained also for the Boy line thansk to comfy and practical fabrics, all right for Spring Summer, from stripes to jersey piquet, from seersucker stripes to printed fabrics. Some knitwear items play  with degradé tones to give a pulse of energy to this proposal.

Big stripes, canvas, jersey and stripy jersey complete the looks always with a great attention to details and finishings on t-shirts and shirts, to create perfect matches.

The basic knitwear (cardigans, jackets, jackets with hood), made with different weight of knit, is available in each colour.