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Isi Baby FW 2018-2019

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Fall-Winter 2018-19 Collection 

Isi Baby line proposes, for little girls, romantic flannel dresses enriched with roses heart and tartan dresses with easy shapes.

Embroidered rompers and trousers in tartan, flannel and printed fabrics can be matched with jersey bodies with precious embroideries: stitches, flowers, hearts, stars and dots. Embroidered shirts, more serious than bodies, are proposed as an alternative. For a splash of colour, instead, printed bodies and shirts can be matched with skirts and corduroy dungarees, tartan trousers and velvet culotte.

For little boys, trousers, tartan and flannel bermudas and dungarees are matched with jackets, gilets and shirts. The dog patch in tartan is perfect to be twinned with tartan trousers.

For the baptism line, elegant twill, taffeta and plumetis dresses with precious handmade embroideries are presented.

Knitwear in soft wool-cashmere yarn, with accurate handmade details, is perfect for the cold season also in fluffy and lush rompers. Bouclé wool and tartan wool coats complete the Fall Winter offer.